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Admission Criteria

To access residential services at the Hope for Families Center, you need to complete an initial preliminary intake which will address the criteria below and review the Admission Contract. The criteria to move toward admission:

  • Be homeless
  • Meet HUD guidelines for the family: A family is a household composed of two or more related persons, at least one being a child accompanied by an adult or juvenile parent.*
  • Be drug/alcohol free
  • Be willing and mentally and physically able to work, perform community service (volunteer) hours, or go to school. Individuals who are already receiving or may be eligible for social security disability may be accepted into the programming at HFC provided they agree to participate in one or more of the above activities.
  • Be willing, mentally, and physically capable of participating in residential services.
  • Be compliant with prescribed medications and will turn in to the staff their medications and/or current prescriptions at the time of admission.
  • Be free of a felony charge for violence, multiple misdemeanor charges of this type, or a sexual criminal conviction.
  • Exceptions, not including violent or sexual criminal violations, can be made. These cases will be presented to the Program Director for evaluation before admission.

* HFC will admit expectant mothers and/or couples with no dependent children based on available space.

Preference will be given to individuals from Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee or St. Lucie Counties who have not utilized our services in the past year and are literally homeless and without shelter of any type. Space permitting, if a resident is found to be eligible through the preliminary intake, an interview will be conducted. At this time, information gathered through this interview process will determine whether our programs fit the needs of your family.

Admission Process:

  • Questionnaire: Complete our Resident Questionnaire.

  • Submit: Mail your form to the Hope for Families Center will receive your form electronically

  • Review: Your application will be reviewed and a HFC representative will contact you for an interview depending on availability.